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CNC ZEUS is the advanced low-cost machine controller.
Utilizing commodity x86-based hardware CNC ZEUS creates a dedicated machine control with professional features such as:

  • Cutter compensation
  • Canned cycles (peck drill, tapping cycle, etc)
  • G31 Allows for Digitizing Probe
  • "S" commands for spindle RPM with support for up to 8 gear changes
  • Sub-program calls up to 10 levels deep
  • Four-axis selectable manual pulse generator with X1, X10, X100 steps per increment
  • Assembly language optimized for step rates over 35,000 steps/sec

Perfect for large professional machines.
Retro-fitted manual mills and rebuilt cnc mills run faster and smoother with dedicated control hardware. Professional operators will appreciate the similarities to a FANUC 6M control, making operation intuitive and easy to learn. Shop owners will enjoy the freedom from expensive control hardware and costly repairs.

Perfect for small hobbyist machines.
The advanced features and professional interface enhance the experience for enthusiasts. Why tie up your desktop computer with your CNC projects? The low cost of CNC ZEUS and with the low minimum hardware requirements make setting up a dedicated control more affordable than ever before.